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10+ Fall Inspired Dorm Rooms We are in Love With!

Everyone has their favorite time of the year. Different seasons usually bring on different memories and feelings. For us, fall brings all the feels.

Fall is our absolute favorite time of the year! The leaves, the colors, the weather, ugh! Everything is just so amazing around this time. 

Fall makes you want to get dressed, order a pumpkin latte, decorate your place and it just.. it just makes you feel good. There are literally not enough words to describe how much we really LOVE Fall.

Sometimes when it comes to decorating your place for the season, it’s hard to know where to start. That’s why many of us turn to Pinterest for inspiration. If you’re as serious as we are about fall, you’ve probably been planning how you want to decorate your dorm room or apartment since fall ended last year (what a sad time). But don’t worry, if you’re looking for fall dorm room inspiration, we’ve got you more than covered!

With that being said, this post is all about fall inspired dorm rooms and ways you can make your place feel a lot like fall! These dorm rooms will give you all the inspiration you need to transition from summer to fall like a pro. 

How decorate your dorm for fall

1.A floor mat a floor mat is the perfect way to greet guests to get them ready for what’s in store inside. Don’t limit your decor to the inside. Oh no, honey, let’s go all out! Outside decoration is just a preview to the amazingness that is happening outside. Make sure to grab an outside door mat that screams fall so your guests know what’s up.

Picture from Pinterest

2. Add cozy vibes this living room looks like it’s ready for fall. If you are not staying in an apartment yet, you can do the same with the common area at your dorm. There is nothing better than coming home and being greeted with fall vibes. The furry throw, pops of orange and twinkle lights make this living room fall appropriate for sure!

Picture from Pinterest

3. Pops of color now, some people really aren’t into doing too much when it comes to décor. If that’s you, just adding hints of fall colors will do just fine. Pops of mustard, nude, orange etc. in a throw pillow, blanket or decorative piece will do the trick. The room is mainly white but has pops of orange this is definitely saying, fall is here.

Picture from Pinterest

4. Twinkle lights while there is just one orange pillow, the aesthetic of this room definitely makes you think of fall. The soft light which gives an off-white/orangish glow and the twinkle lights sets the scene for a simple yet amazing fall inspired room.

Picture from Pinterest

5. Small pumpkin this room actually has pops of orange with blush tones, how cute! If you look up on the shelf, you’ll see a small pumpkin next to blush toned and white books. But also notice the clothing rack to the left which has fall clothing hanging and fall shoesat the bottom. We are loving this entire set up!

Picture from Pinterest

6. Essentials we are loving how clean this room looks! It’s clean with again, pops of orange all over. There also cute elements like the little bean bag on the floor and the orange bag hanging from the wall.

Picture from Pinterest

7. Fall leaves adding elements like fall leaves are sure to take your room to another level. Add twinkle lights and put them on the wall to get the desired look. Do you see how the only fall element in this photo are the leaves yet it looks like there’s so much more going on? So, if you are not really into decoration, this is the perfect idea for you. 

Picture from Pinterest

8. Festive completely in love with the Halloween elements that are going on in this room and it definitely puts you in the fall mood for sure. The letters on the wall and all of the decorations really tie into each other

Picture from Pinterest

9. Faux fur the burnt orange is a key giveaway in this look. The twinkle lights and all of the colors, though simple go together so well. We love this room because it is definitely giving, cozy vibes. With the plush rug on the floor, the twinkle lights, burnt orange throw and the wall art. It all works together so well. This is the perfect décor for fall!

Picture from Pinterest

10. Ghost pillows aren’t these pillows super cute?!?! They go well with the orange throw and pillows. You can tell they basically kept their living room the same while adding pillows and throws to give it that touch of fall spirit.

Picture from Pinterest

11. Decorate desk area who said you have to limit your decorations to your bedding? If you want to go all out, you can’t forget your desk area. After all it’s probably where you spend most of your time anyway, doing homework and what not. Get creative and go all out! We love this desk area, they even have a fall inspired wallpaper on their desktop screen, how cute.

Picture from Pinterest

Why we love fall + why you should too!

In case you couldn’t tell by now, we loveeee fall. It’s like the best time of the year, the weather brings about a sense of nostalgia. It’s not hot and not too cold and the weather is perfect for the cutest outfits. We’re sure you love a good duster! 

Let’s not forget about the fall colors and fall nails. Doesn’t all the fall talk just make you so excited?! Lol, we seriously look forward to fall every single year especially after a dreadful summer. Anyone else hate the heat?

Anyway, we hope that you found these tips useful and we seriously encourage you to go all out with your fall dorm decorations. If you’re feeling fancy, we hope you take our advice on decorating your desk area as well.

And you really don’t even have to break the bank with decorations. Like we mentioned before, hanging up fall leaves with twinkle lights will make it look like you actually tried. You can also find inexpensive pillows at various stores even goodwill. All in all, sometimes the simple elements can really do the trick. 

That’s all that we have for you today, happy decorating!   

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