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10 Genius Tips to Recover After Finals Week

Can you smell it in the air? The stench of no sleep with a side of all nighters packed with a 1% chance of a real meal. 

Bring on the Cheetos, red bull and cookies to keep you going for what seems to be a never ending week of finals. 

Today, we bring to you,

10 ways to recover from the pain of finals week

Sleep, Duh You’ve had a rough week of finals. Scratch that, you’ve had a rough couple of weeks because, who just jumps head first into a test without studying? Not you, right?

Okay, we’ve all had atleast one test where we didn’t prepare AT ALL, but there are tests that you have taken atleast a week to prepare for. 

Between being on campus all day and or going to work, most days you don’t know whether you’re coming or going. 

You can’t function at your best if you are running off of no sleep. Get in the bed and count some sheep, you deserve it!

Do something you enjoy There are soooo many sacrifices that you have made in order to do well on that test. And we didn’t want to be the ones to bring it up BUT, have you ever put your blood sweat and tears into studying for a test and still fail?!?!? 

Whew, we know the feeling. 

No need to fret, we have all failed a test or 5, but who’s counting? You have spent countless hours of studying and quite frankly, you deserve a break. 

Whether its laying in the bed all day and watching TV, hanging out with friends or taking a walk around campus, do something you enjoy so you can start feeling more like yourself.

Order your favorite meal Listen, we’re all about making healthy choices over here, but a cheat day ain’t never hurt nobody. 

Kick up your feet, grab your phone and have someone else bring you that delicious meal while you bask in all your glory waiting for heaven to arrive at your door. 

Indulging in your favorite meal can make any day brighter (trust us). 

Call a friend to vent seriously, taking finals all week is stressful as hell (don’t you know it). Make sure you have atleast one friend that you can call on who understands the struggle.

Someone you can call to complain about the struggle of college, someone you can complain to about wanting to drop out, cry and pull out your hair.

Seriously, its ok. 

The most important thing is that while you are feeling all of these emotions, you’re still hanging in there despite all of the hardships.

The pain doesn’t last forever and you’ll be feeling like your normal self in no time.

Process your emotions are you feeling sad? Stressed? Depressed?

You have exactly one day to feel sorry for yourself and then you have to move on. 

Processing emotions are important because you have to allow yourself to process the emotions so that you can gain understanding and then move on.

Again, process the emotions but wallowing in stress and depression is not ok.

Forget about it we’re all guilty of studying our behinds off for finals week and then stressing ourselves out wondering if we passed the test or if that 3000 word essay was good enough.

Listen, if you know you did the best you could do, let it go and give it to the universe. You’ve already taken the test and handed it off to your professor. There’s nothing else to do but hope you did well.

There’s nothing worse than finally getting through finals week and then stressing yourself daily about what’s done. 

It’s over, so no more stressing, k?

Call out from work that’s if you have a job and if you can afford to do so. 

Most college students are juggling a full time class schedule while also juggling a part time job. So while finals may be over and you’d like to sleep, you probably have a 5 hour shift waiting for you a pizza hut.

Honestly, burnout is right around the corner if you do not figure out how to catch up on some sleep. This is not to say that you shouldn’t push through during difficult times, BUT it is to say that sometimes you have to take time out for yourself before you crash and burn.

Don’t do a damn thing that reminds you of school That’s right, school? What is that? Anatomy, Chemistry, English and Math classes are all things of the past (for now). 

Hide the textbooks, hide the highlighters, notebooks and notecards because after finals, they are no longer relevant. No need to keep talking about Mr. Johnblows Chemistry class, because it will only bring up bad memories. 

Burn all memories of waking up at 6am to make it to your 8am class. Don’t forget about the times you’ve been late to class because the campus shuttle was too full for you to get on. Burn them all (lol) the semester is over and you made it!

Do yourself a favor and enjoy the next couple of weeks of no homework, no quizzes, group projects etc. because by the time you turn around, all hell will be breaking lose by the time the next semester begins.

Celebrate yourself the sacrifices you have to make during finals week cannot be overstated. 

So, you better believe that you deserve a celebration for making it through all that work. The celebration will look different for everyone.

Whether celebrating means sleeping for the entire day, calling out from work or hanging out with friends, DO IT.

Clear your schedule and make room to celebrate yourself because, again, you deserve all the celebration in the world.

Enjoy your new found glow what glow do we speak of? It’s the glow you get when the semester ends. You know what we’re talking about, you walk out of that Anatomy class knowing damn well you failed that test, but who cares, you passed the class anyway (can we get an Amen?). 

Or you float out of class knowing that you passed the hell out of that test and it gave you the extra boost you needed to get from a 69% to a 70%. 

Orrrrrr… you glide out of class knowing that you passed the class and that test! (lucky you). Either way, you can’t convince us that this glow isn’t relatable. 

We are so happy that the semester has ended/is ending for you. Some of you will take summer classes and others are counting down the days until you can enjoy the summer, either way, we hope you enjoyed these tips and put them to use!

We hope that these 10 Genius Tips to Recover After Finals Week have been of use to you. We’d love to hear if you gained some perspective from our list. We’re here to help you easily navigate college so that you can be as successful as possible during your journey. Let us know down in the comments if you actually used any of our tips and let us know some of your own personal tips.

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