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20 Positive Affirmations for College Students

College is something serious, ain’t it? 

Learning to juggle it all and still have a life of your own is no easy feat. And with everything going on, it can be so easy to beat yourself up when you don’t get an A on that test you studied so hard for.

Staying positive in college can be challenging sometimes, that’s why we’ve compiled a list of 20 positive affirmations to keep you going when the going gets tough.

20 positive affirmations for college students

1. I am completely capable of handling whatever life throws at me

2. I will not give up when things appear to get too challenging

3. I am running this race at my own pace

4. I am enough

5. Anything is possible

6. I will not give up

7. I am learning something new everyday

8. I am fearless

9. I will not compare my life to anyone else’s life

10. I am ready to face any and all challenges that may come my way

11. I am going to finish this degree

12. I have faith in myself 

13. My life is not in shambles

14. I have everything I need to be successful

15. I am almost where I want to be in life

16. I will not give up

17. I am limitless

18. I am worthy of success

19. I am so close to greatness

20. I will overcome all challenges

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