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3 Amazing Ways To Deal With Anxiety in College (that actually work)

If you are dealing with anxiety in college, please do not feel like you are alone.

And whatever you do, do not feel like you are less than anyone around you who may not be dealing with the same thing.

Anxiety in college is very common, in fact, according to the American College Health Association, 63% of college students in the US felt overwhelming anxiety in the past year and 23% reported being diagnosed or treated by a mental health professional for anxiety in the past year. 

We have 3 ways to deal with anxiety in college that actually work.

3 amazing ways to deal with anxiety in college

1. Love on yourself (self-care)

Take the time out to do the things that make YOU feel good. Do the things that make YOU happy. There’s nothing selfish about putting yourself first, after all, you can’t pour form an empty cup. By loving on yourself, you become better to yourself and you can have even better relationships with people outside of yourself.

2. Get out of your own head

Sometimes when we refuse to confront a situation head on, we make it bigger than it actually is. If you’re failing a class, make time to sit with your professor to go over your options. If you’re struggling to make new friends in college, force yourself to get active on campus to meet new people. In your mind, the situation seems bigger than it is, but once you step outside of your comfort zone, things inevitably get better.

3. Utilize campus resources

Campus resources are there to help you, don’t let them go to waste and absolutely do not feel ashamed to talk about what is bothering you. Sometimes these fees come out of your tuition, so use them, you’re paying for it anyway! These professionals are obligated to keep your private information private, so feel free to sit down with someone and release whatever is on your mind. Holding things in will do more harm than good.

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