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5 College Hacks That You Need in Your Life

Can we all take a moment to agree that college life and everything that comes with it just takes up too much damn time?

These college hacks are seriously going to save your life.

5 college hacks that you need in your life

1. Sleep with your phone in a glass cup and across the room

Why? Because you like to party until 3am on the night before your 8am class, that’s why. First, putting your phone in a glass cup will amplify the sound of your alarm and sleeping with your phone across the room forces you to get up. In short, you’re more likely to make it to class on time.

2. Color code your notes

Sometimes you write notes in class and then go back to your dorm room completely confused about what your notes actually meant. Color code your notes so that each color represents something. Not only will you be less confused, but you will be more organized.

3. Schedule all of your classes on the same day

Whether it’s Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday classes, stack your classes on two days a week to free up time to study or work should you choose to do so. If you are no longer living on campus and have to drive to campus every day, you’ll save on gas. If you have to take the bus, you’ll save yourself the headache of having to be packed next to strangers every day.

4. Find out your professors’ office hours… and use them!

Professors love students who show that they actually care about passing their class. Even if you don’t really care, pretend. They’ll remember that you actually tried to pass their class when you ask them to round up your grade from a 79 to an 80 or from an 89 to a 90. Think about extra credit, failing students loveeee extra credit.

Again, if you use their office hours and try to understand why you got a 79 on your paper when you feel like you should’ve gotten an A and use their expert advice, they’ll value you more. Trust us on this.

5. Surround your hard classes with easier classes

Try not to take too many science classes and math classes at the same time (if you can help it). This will only stress you out and require you to student atleast a million hours for each class and aint nobody got time for that. Surround your harder classes with easy electives (thank us later).

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