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5 Tools To Stay Mentally Healthy in College

If you’re in college, you know exactly how stressful being a college student is. The overwhelming feeling of maintaining a healthy balance of adultish activities can send anyone over the edge.

Mismanaging your stress levels can be dangerous to your health and have significant impacts on your life. At Organo Bucks, we like to regularly bring you content that supports your mental health because we know how important it is to stay sane (especially as a college student).

Avoid Drugs and Alcohol

When we are stressed, we naturally try to find ways to cope with those feelings. Drugs and alcohol are only temporary solutions to an underlying problem. While in college, it is important to keep a clear head. Therefore, drugs and alcohol are never the solution.

Build an accountability circle

Take 3-5 of your closest friends and set up a group chat where each of you can text in the chat simply checking in on each other. As human beings, we crave connection and often times we assume that we are the only one going through a situation when this is often not the case. Lean on your friends, we have them for a reason. You do not necessarily need to tell them all of your business, but do not be afraid to reach out for help when you need it.

Get good sleep

Most of the semester is spent barely getting enough shut eye and coffee (can we get an amen?). Getting enough sleep on a daily basis keeps you from being cranky and emotional. 8 hours may not always be realistic, but try to get at least an extra hour of sleep per night to gradually catch up on sleep.

Take a day off

Take a day off from everyone and everything. If you’ve had several days of back to back work without a break, now would be a great time to break out your calendar and schedule some sleep. That’s right, put it on your schedule so that you make it a priority to consciously take the day off.

Take the day off from work, classes, bad vibes/energy etc. Make it a priority to schedule a mental health day to get you back on your A game. You cannot pour from an empty cup so never feel guilty about putting yourself first. This leads us to the next point…

Remove the guilt

For some strange reason, we feel guilty for telling people no even when we haven’t had a day to ourselves for weeks. Why is that? When you take care of yourself, you are inherently better to everyone around you. Taking a mental health day is selfish, but don’t you deserve to be selfish? Don’t you deserve to take care of you for a change?

This is a friendly reminder to take care of yourself despite what others may say or think about you. Also, your mental health day may look different from the average “mental health day” and guess what? That’s ok too! If your friends make you feel like skipping out on a party to take a mental health day is ridiculous or crazy, those people may not even be your real friends. The point is, you don’t have to explain yourself to anyone. This is your life, your body and you’ve only got one life to live. Remove the guilt take care of yourself, you deserve it.

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