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55 Positivity Affirmations That Actually Work

This post is all about 55 affirmations that actually work!

We could all use a little or a lot more positivity in our lives. Some of us are unknowingly surrounded by negativity on a daily basis. 

We also don’t realize how negative thoughts affect our lives on a daily basis. Positivity brings us joy and gives us a greater outlook on life. When you are constantly surrounded by negativity, it puts a damper on your spirit. It doesn’t make you feel great about yourself.

On the contrary, positive thoughts and positive people affect your life in a great way. If you don’t take any advice from this post, understand that you should make it a habit to surround yourself with positive people. Period.

With that being said, positive affirmations can and will change your life if you say them to yourself consistently. Be open to the possibility of positivity being a way of life for you once you open yourself up to a change of mindset.

Before you read on, be open to the affirmations even if you feel like they will not work for you. Understand this, you have to train your mind to think differently. All of this time you thought negative thoughts were normal, but you’re wrong.

You can live a life full of positivity but you must first believe that you deserve to live that kind of life. The kind of life we live is a mirror of the way that we feel about ourselves. If you have low self-esteem and struggle with confidence, you’ll never aim high. On the other hand, if you know you can accomplish great things, you will begin to aim high and as a result, you will achieve great things. 

Why you need positive affirmations and what they can do for you

If you are looking to change your life in a positive way, in a way that’s different from what you were doing before, you need affirmations that focus on positivity. In the beginning you may feel silly looking in the mirror and saying these things to yourself. But, we urge you to press on and keep going. 

It will eventually become a habit to say these affirmations to yourself on a daily basis as long as you repeat them consistently. 

You can treat saying your affirmations to yourself as a time of self-care and reflection. No one has to know that you are doing this if you feel uneasy about it at first. Keep going until you feel confident and until it feels like second nature.

In due time you will begin to see the positive effects it has on your life. You will begin to think differently and see the good in situations where you used to only see the negative.

Over time, once you are confident in the affirmations, ask your friends to join you and tell them how it has impacted your life. Do not be afraid to be the light in someone else’s life. We all need an extra push from time to time (some more than others).

55 positivity affirmations that actually work

1.I am worthy of success

2. Everything will go the way it’s supposed to go today

3. I am starting today with a positive mind

4. As long as I work towards my vision, everything will workout

5. My life is abundantly successful

6. I deserve to be surrounded by positivity

7. I am taking it one day at a time and I am learning as I go

8. I am rooting for myself and for those closest to me

9. I am giving myself permission to live out loud

10. I am not focused on those who speak negatively about me

11. Even in the midst of chaos, I am positive that everything will be ok

12. When one door closes, there are many more that will open to me

13. “No” sometimes means, not right now

14. I have the power to give myself opportunities even when others do not believe in me

15. If I keep working on my goals, my life will change without a doubt

16. Opportunities always find me when I least expect it

17. I focus on the positive because I know how it can change my life

18. Negative thoughts flee from me because I am a positive person

19. Positive thoughts come natural to me

20. My closest friends uplift me and speak positive words to me daily 

21. I remove myself from circles that do not have my best interest in mind

22. I have completely opened my mind to living a positive life

23. A positive life does not mean things will not go wrong

24. I am focusing on positivity so that I can see the good in a seemingly bad situation

25. I do not need permission from others to live the best life possible

26. I will not quit on myself

27. Even if the road comes paved with hardship, I will keep going no matter what

28. I don’t sweat the small stuff

29. I can. I will. The end

30. I do not need permission to be great, all I need to do is walk in it 

31. I was destined to live an amazing life full of positivity

32. I fill my mind with positive thoughts daily

33. I have no doubts in my abilities to achieve great things

34. Every time a negative thought tries to take over my mind, I replace it with a positive thought

35. I am amazing and no one can take that from me

36. My goals are attainable, I don’t care what anyone has to say

37. They don’t have the same vision as me, that’s why they could never understand

38. I am in charge of my happiness

39. I am in charge of how much I accomplish in my life

40. What is for me will never be for someone else 

41. This is my journey and I will not compare myself to anyone else

42. Social media is just a highlight reel. It isn’t real life

43. I am in charge of my destiny

44. I have the power to change my life

45. What others think of me is not my problem

46. I am incredibly focused on my future 

47. My life will look a lot different a year from now

48. I am capable of more than I know

49. Self-doubt does not live here

50. I am successful 

51. I will never sabotage my success

52. I am aware that I am a limitless human being

53. I will accomplish whatever I put my mind to

54. Success is inevitable for me

55. I am in charge of my growth in this world

Final words on positive affirmations

We hope that you thoroughly enjoyed this list of positive affirmations and that you find plenty of benefit in them. 

Having an accountability partner can also help. In any given moment when you feel like giving up, shoot your accountability partner a text, they just might send you the exact words you need to stay on track. One step in the right direction is still progress, never give up on yourself.

As we mentioned earlier, be consistent in order to achieve the results you are looking for. Shoot us a comment down below and let us know what you thought about our list of affirmations. Also, let us know down below some of your favorite positivity affirmations that you use.

55 Positivity Affirmations That Actually Work

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