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8 Things they Won’t Tell you About College

This post is all about 8 things they won’t tell you about college.

If you’re reading this post, you’re probably thinking about going to college or will be going to college soon.  

We want to give you some insight on what you may experience during your years in college. Unlike some shows, in our opinion, college portrayed on TV can be somewhat accurate.

To be clear, everyone’s experience will be different. 

College can be exciting, exhilarating and almost everything you’ll expect it to be. It can also feel daunting, stressful and overwhelming.

In general, you can probably expect to feel a wide range of emotions while you’re away from home for the first time. 

You should feel excited and accomplished! You were accepted into the university of your choosing and you’re on your way to experiencing something new.

In high school, teachers try to do all that they can to prepare you for college. But honestly, nothing can really prepare you for this experience. College is truly in a league of its own.

It will be fun. It will be challenging. It will be exciting. It will make you want to give up.

But, it’s worth it.

The memories and the experience are like no other and when it’s all over, you will look back and reminisce about the good times with your friends often.

8 things they won’t tell you about going to college

1. Your professors will not hold your hand. In high school, your teachers will repeatedly remind you about assignments so you don’t forget about them. They might even call your parents when you aren’t doing well. Teachers pull you aside one by one and tell you exactly what you need to do to get the grades you want. 

Not in college.

In college, you’re an adult and you are treated as such. If you want to be successful in college, you have to make the effort to do well. You have to reach out to your professors so you understand what you need to do to get a higher grade in the class.

And if you don’t complete an assignment, welp, that’s on you. Remember, you’re paying thousands of dollars for your classes. If you fail a class, you will have to re-take the class if you have plans to graduate.

To be clear, there are some professors who are more invested than others. However, if you attend a university where there are thousands of students in your class, you will just be a number. In that case, make sure you use your professors office hours.

2. You will meet people from different places. You will come across a lot of people who are different from you and who you may consider to be, weird. College is the best place to learn about different people from all walks of life. Diversity is key and learning about various ways of doing something is a great learning point.

You will definitely have an advantage over people who have no experience with other cultures once you get into the professional world. Keep an open mind even if someone seems weird. Do not judge people based on the way they look. Take the time out to get to know people and gain understanding for why they are the way that they are.

3. You will miss the home cooked meals and possibly gain weight. If you come from a household where your mom stayed in the kitchen, enjoy it while you can and never take it for granted. You will either be too busy to cook or too lazy to cook. The food in the dining hall may not be all that great either.

Get used to cup noodles, hot wings and pizza. You can get used to scraping up some money and sharing with your roommates too. Most freshman’s don’t have access to healthy meals due to lack of transportation and the restrictions the dorm halls place on freshmen. 

Of course with bad eating habits comes weight gain. Be careful, the amount of weight some freshmen gain is crazy. Find creative ways and solutions to eat better foods.

4. You will be insanely busy. If you thought high school was hard, welcome to college. High school is a piece of cake compared to college, welcome to the big leagues. The hardest part is juggling everything you do to make sure you have the time to stay on top of your classes and all of the work that comes with it.

The most difficult part is, no one will be there to tell you what to do. If you are away on campus, your parents aren’t there to watch over you. You are now required to hold yourself accountable and a lot of people have a hard time with this aspect. Things will be crazy busy for you so make sure you prioritize everything that needs to be done on a daily basis.

5. You will be sleep deprived. Especially during your first couple of semesters because you will be trying to get the hang of everything. If you find a slot where you can sneak in a power nap, make sure you take advantage of that time. A lot of incoming freshmen take 6 classes their first semester.

That’s 6 classes with 6 different professors all assigning multiple assignments and tests. With no regard to all of the work your other professors may have assigned you. 

6. You will want to quit. Especially if your classes are hard. Science and math classes are no joke. The good thing is, professors know the class is hard so they will curve their grading and offer extra credit. Half of the class is usually failing, to be honest.

There will be times when quitting will look like the best option. Especially when you study for a test and still fail. Oh, and when you put your heart and soul into a paper only for your professor to slap you with a grade way below what you were expecting.

Things will feel overwhelming and you’ll want to cry and you’ll actually cry sometimes. Check out our post on how to avoid burnout in college. Because burnout is real and you’ll learn a lot about the signs to watch out for in this post.

7. It’s the most fun you will ever have. Honestly, there are no words to really describe how much fun you can and will have once you immerse yourself on campus. Especially for incoming freshmen, there are so many ways to make new friends. There are endless events and clubs you can join as well.

The experiences are amazing and those who you get to share those experiences with are even more amazing.

8. It goes by fastttt so enjoy it! One day you’re moving into your dorm and the next you’re walking across that stage with your degree in hand. Savor every moment and never take anything for granted. When you look back, you will appreciate all of the hard times you spent in the library trying to figure out the most difficult problem you’ve ever seen in your entire life. 

You will experience, loss of friendship, heartaches and growing pains. You will experience extreme highs and extreme lows. You will create the most amazing experiences that will stay with you for a lifetime. Experience can be the greatest teacher. Going away to college will definitely make you grow up. Every year will be different and there will be different and more challenging lessons each year. But you will get through it and it will be more than you could have ever asked for and then some. 

Enjoy this wonderful journey.

8 Things they Won’t Tell you About College

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