About us


Founded in 2017 and launched in September of 2019, ORGANO BUCKS was designed specifically for college students who desire to eat healthy but do not necessarily have the funds to do so.

We have a passion for helping students who do not have the means to afford healthy alternatives and fitness options. This is why we strive to find the BEST deals possible so that you can live your best healthy life on a budget! We want everyone to ditch greasy, nutrient depleted foods and make healthy eating and living their way of life.

College is stressful enough, and having the added stress of a ridiculously busy schedule all while trying to balance a healthy diet and consistent workout routine can literally feel impossible.

We’ve taken on the challenge so that you don’t have to. At Organo Bucks, you can expect content that will inspire and motivate you to live better and deals on natural skin care, healthy snack subscription boxes, athletic wear, natural produce boxes, gym equipment and so much more.

We totally understand how hard it is to navigate adulthood so, we want to make it easier on you.

We are determined to help you live your best healthy life on a budget!


To inspire and motivate students to live their best healthy life.


To decrease obesity and diet related diseases