Easy Ways To Find The Time To Cook

Coookkkk?? What’s that?

You might be wondering why you would even consider cooking a full meal when you can buy food that’s already made. Like, why cook when you can just get a full meal a McDonalds for $5. Thats already made?

But what about your health tho’?

Convenience isn’t always the best option, especially when we’re talking about your most valuable asset —your health. Ya know?

Think you’re too busy to cook? Read this real quick.

Want to get ahead of those around you? Take better care of your health. Eating well will increase your energy and allow you to put in more hours than your colleagues, into studying, research etc. Lets not forget about the amount of energy you need for midterms and finals week.

Plan, plan, plan

There are tons of YouTube videos out there that teach you how to prepare your meals in ADVANCE for the week ahead. There are also videos from college students that are willing to break down what they eat in a day and how they’re able to fit meal planning into their busy schedules.

The bottom line is, once you make a decision to put your health on a pedestal, you will figure out how to make time to incorporate healthy habits into your everyday life.

Think about it, you are a college student, you are a master at juggling a busy schedule. Have you ever been in a situation where you completely forgot that you had a 5-page paper due for your next class and you only had two hours to get it done?

You rushed to the nearest computer and BOOM, just like that, you wrote that paper like your life depended on it. Have you ever been running on two hours of sleep and had major plans to go home and get some sleep? But then a good friend calls and asks you to hang out with them later on that night. All of a sudden, you had enough energy to get dressed and go hang out, even though you were running on two hours of sleep?

Put your health on a pedestal

When it comes to things like going to the movies, hanging out with friends, going to the club etc. We find the time, but when we bring up things that require more time, we make excuses. No matter how you slice it, you can never put a price on your health.

Health really is wealth!

No more excuses, make it your business to eat better and to LIVE better. You owe it to yourself to give yourself the best of everything.

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