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How To Keep Your Priorities First in College

Whether you’re new to the stomping grounds of college life, away from your parents. Where you have the freedom to do whatever you want, whenever you want, or if you’ve been on campus for a while, we can all agree that putting your priorities first is a struggle.

Don’t worry though, we’ve got some tips for you. And trust us, they’ll save your life.

If this is your first year on campus, let us school you real quick:

  1. Do not go to every party you are invited to
  2. Do not get drunk every night
  3. Do not put off assignments from all 5 of your classes to the night before (you will want to kill yourself)
  4. Try your best not to eat out every night
  5. Do not blow your refund check on clothes and shoes before you have taken care of the things you need (groceries, water, soap, textbooks etc.)

…… Just to name a few

You may laugh at this list, but trust us, it is actually natural to experience these things, especially in your first year of college. It’s your first taste of adulthood. No one is hanging over your shoulder telling you what to do.

Even if your mom is constantly calling you to make sure you’re ok, that is still wayyyy different than living in her house.

The parties are fun, and there’s so many to choose from, but remember why you went to college in the first place–to get a degree and to make your parents proud.

Of course you want to experience the college life, but remember to do everything in moderation. That leads us to the next thing, getting drunk every night. Listen, just don’t do it, again, have fun, but in moderation.

Putting off your assignments until the night before will have you ready to take yourself out, no seriously!!! Have you ever tried to write 3 different papers for 3 different classes on 3 different subjects in one night?

Whew chile… the procrastination is real.

And while you’re out here pulling all nighters, try not to eat out every night. Contrary to what you may think, you have to work to keep your figure right.

Long over are the days where you could eat whatever you wanted and still maintained your shape. Say it with us, what you eat matters! Choose wisely.

When that refund check comes….

Did you notice how we put that in bold letters?

We just wanted to make sure you didn’t miss it.

Blowing your refund check on ridiculous things and then looking up like, what am I going to eat next week happens more often that one cares to admit.

Your hair and your nails look nice, but you hungry.

You just spent money on that new gym membership knowing deep down in your soul that you couldn’t keep up with the payments and on top of that, you have $2.04 left in your account and now you’re debating whether you should buy soap or toothpaste.

Stop it.

Buy the important stuff, save some and splurge on a couple of things. Its literally just that simple.

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