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How to: Treat Yo Self in college

No one is busier than a college student, especially a college student with a job.

Juggling your work schedule, 8am classes and never ending assignments from your favorite professors, life can get pretty tricky.

You claim the bags under your eyes are “designer” and waking up at 7:55am to make it to your 8am class is getting old. No matter what day of the week it is, it is imperative that you fit an official “Treat Yo Self” day into your schedule. Whether its weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, make treating yo self a mandatory part of your schedule.

Think about it, don’t you deserve it?

You’re putting in all of these hours to secure your future, your schedule is non stop and seeing your bed for more than a couple of hours is a luxury.


Of course sacrifices have to be made, but who said you can’t do anything for yourself?

Neglecting yourself ultimately causes more harm than good and leaves you feeling drained. If you are not careful, it’ll cause you to stay in bed for days and weeks at a time in an attempt to get the proper rest that your body is yearning for.

Treating yo self looks different for everyone.

Secluding yourself from the noise of the world may be your thing or taking a walk on the boardwalk at your favorite beach may be more like your style.

Either way, find what works for you so that you can thank yourself in the long run. Remember, no one can give their all in anything if they don’t take a step back to take care of themselves first.

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