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10+ Important Questions to Ask Your New Roommate + Tips!

Meeting new people in college is an exciting time. While it can be exciting, it can also be nerve wrecking. You’ll most likely be living in a dorm with a complete stranger. This person can end up being the best friend you’ve never had, but they can also turn out to be your worst nightmare.

Have you ever wondered the type of questions you should ask your new roommate when you all finally meet? You’ve never met this person before but now you’re about to share a room with them. How crazy, yet exciting is that?!

This post is all about the questions you should ask your new roommate. Here’s the thing, you all may hit it off or you may not. The most important thing is, that you all learn how to co-habitat in the same place regardless of your differences. We all have different upbringing and what may seem normal to one, may seem totally off the grid to the other. These questions are important because they help you to get to know your roommate better.

Important questions to ask your new roommate

1.Where are you from?

This is important to know especially if your roommate is not from the US. For example, you may end up sharing your room with someone from China. If this is the case, you may want to read up on their cultural practices and what things may be deemed as disrespectful. 

This may sound like a lot of work, but remember, you are sharing a space with this person. It will be in your best interest to keep the peace. After a long day of classes, the last thing you’ll want to do is come to your dorm and have to fight with your roommate.

2. Have you shared a room with someone before?

Majorrr key alert! If your roommate was an only child or never had to share a room with a sibling, they may have a hard time adjusting to their new reality. It never hurts to ask just to see where their head is at.

3. Do you sleep with the TV on?

If you’re anything like me, you absolutely hate sleeping with the TV on. I mean, how do people sleep with all that light and noise anyway? Anyway, if you don’t mind the TV being on, disregard. BUT, if it’s a problem, let your roommate know that you’d like to get adequate sleep at night and the TV being on doesn’t help. Again, keep the peace. If your roommate is like, no sweat, I can turn the TV off, good for you. But if they give you the side eye, see if you both can find a happy medium.

4. How late do you stay up?

If your roommate is a night owl, be prepared to have the light on during all hours of the night. This is a shared space and you are both paying to live there so do what you have to do to make sure you are getting the rest you need. Ask your roommate to purchase a small lamp or offer to purchase one for them. If you’re the night owl and your roommate sleeps like a normal person, make sure you are doing everything you can to make sure they are comfortable.

5. Are you ok with guests coming in our room?

You may want your friends to come over and your roommate may want to do the same. Make sure you set boundaries. While having friends over may not be a big deal, having friends over at 1am may be a problem. Communicate so that you both know what’s too early and what’s too late.

6. Do you drink/smoke?

Ok, this is a big one especially if you stay in an apartment and not a dorm. The dorm buildings are more strict so you’re less likely to have to worry about your roommate smoking. If you stay in an apartment, it’s free game. They can smoke in their room if they want because no one is telling them what to do. Again, you both pay rent so be grateful if they respect your wishes to not smoke.

Drinking becomes an issue if your roommate can’t handle liquor. For example, if you’re staying in a dorm and your roommate is coming home from a party and throws up in the middle of the floor and is too drunk to clean it up. Gross, we know but we’re trying to make sure you’re as prepared as possible.

7. Are you ok with sharing things?

You and your roommate might hit it off so well that you all become like brothers/sisters. So things like sharing lotion, pots and pans and the coffee maker may not be a big deal. These things should be laid out because first of all, college students are broke. Imagine coming home to your roommate stealing your lotion after you clearly told them that was something you were not willing to share.

Something like a coffee maker should be fine as long as they agree to keep it clean after each use. Just make it clear that there are certain things you aren’t willing to share. If they fall on hard times and forget to buy essentials, like, you guessed it, lotion. Let them know they can use it until they get more (if you’re comfortable with that).

8. What kind of music do you listen to?

You may absolutely hate rap but your roommate loves listening to music throughout the day and while they’re getting ready for class. Let them know how you feel so adjustments can be made.

9. How do you like the temperature?

Everyone is different, what may be warm to you may be considered cold as hell to your roommate. Adjust the temperate so that you all are both satisfied with the room temperature. 

10. Do you have a car?

Most college campuses don’t allow freshmen to bring a car on campus. If you stay in an apartment, you may want to ask if your roommate can help you out when it’s time to go grocery shopping. Carrying groceries from the store all the way home is the worst!

Here’s a tip: don’t overdo it. Don’t ask your roommate to take you everywhere because this can be annoying and may cause him/her to avoid you in the long run. Ask for reasonably modest things so they don’t begin to feel like you’re using them for their car.

11. Do you cook often?

Some people love to cook and don’t mind making extra to share. It would be a good idea to split the cost of groceries and cook together so that there is enough food to cook for the week.

Final Thoughts

Although we mentioned at the start of this article that it’s possible to get a roommate from hell. We surely hope this isn’t the case. Friends from college are usually the ones that last a lifetime.

If you’ll notice, the tips we included are ways to make things easier for the both of you. Come to college with an open mind. Let go of the negativity and assume that this will be the best thing you’ve ever experienced. 

Try to be as nice as possible to your roommate so that the relationship begins to feel like you’ve known each other your whole life. You don’t want it to feel like you’re always coming home to a stranger. There are usually lots of events and things to do around campus so take full advantage of every opportunity. Go together. Introduce your friends to each other so that you all can be like one big happy family.

If you’re more introverted and have a hard time making new friends, promise yourself to come out of your shell. Don’t just go to class and head right back to your dorm. Enjoy life! Enjoy this new experience and make the most of it. These four years will breeze by and you want to be able to laugh about all of the memories you made.

We hope these tips have helped you a ton! Leave us a comment and let us know what you think.

10+ Important Questions to Ask Your New Roommate + Tips!

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