Insanely Easy Ways To Eat Healthy In College

Eating healthy in college with a super packed schedule, is, well, hard!

But, in reality, whether we realize it or not, we are the ones who make eating healthy in college, a struggle. We know what you’re thinking, “you don’t understand, eating healthy in college is damn near impossible.”

While it’s very challenging, it’s not impossible.

Insanely Easy Ways To Eat Healthy In College

As always, we’ve got you covered. Below, you’ll find 3 tips on how to make eating healthy in college less of a struggle.

Start slow

Some people may be able to turn vegan overnight, but for the rest of you struggling college students, that almost always isn’t the case.

Do not go back to your dorm room and start throwing away all of your guilty pleasures. If you do this, an hour later, reality will set in and you will realize that you may have made the biggest mistake of your life (lol).

No, seriously, going cold turkey will increase your cravings and leave you miserable, thus, send you back spiraling down the guilty pleasure rabbit hole.

Find an accountability partner

It’s always refreshing to know that you aren’t in the struggle alone. Whether it’s your roommate, your cousin, or a friend in another state, being able to text/call someone to talk about the struggle of eating healthy or going to the gym can help keep you from reverting back to bad habits.

Having an accountability partner will allow you to text them and let them know that you’re getting ready for the gym. Think about if you were laying down in bed and thinking about all the reasons why you should stay in bed for the rest of the day and received a text like this, wouldn’t you be more inclined to get up and get dressed to workout out?

Simply because you know someone is counting on you to stay true to your word?

Track your progress

Create a schedule where you write down how many times a week you would like to workout and what those workouts will focus on. Be specific. Will it be a morning workout before class? Or will you go to class in workout clothes to give you the motivation to workout after a day of classes? Do what works for you.

The more specific you are about how many times you will be working out and what each workout will focus on, the more likely you are to stick to the schedule. At the end of the week, make note of how many workouts you made and how many you missed. Take the time to understand what was going on that day that made you skip a workout so that you can combat those same feelings to yield better results for the weeks to come.

Again, the struggle doesn’t have to be real, you just have to wrap your mind around making a change. The change starts with YOU and no one else.

We hope you enjoyed these 3 tips on how to make eating healthy in college less of a struggle

Now, get up and put these tips to use!

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