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The Best Subscription Box of 2020

With the overload of subscription boxes popping up just about everywhere, we’re here to give you all the deets on a brand new subscription box that is coming sooner than later.

Organo Boxx is a subscription box that is geared towards college students but can be purchased by anyone. And guess what? This box is filled with new surprises (that you can’t find anywhere else) every. single. month!

Say good-bye to boring subscription boxes and say, hello to the only subscription box that you should have your eyes on in 2020.

Each boxx contains the ultimate experience to help you navigate college life! Every box contains, fitness items, healthy snacks and motivational content for those days when you totally want to drop out of school.

At Organo Bucks, we are committed to helping students live their best healthy life in college. This is why we’ve decided to come out with a subscription boxx.

If you read and like our content, receiving a box will be the highlight of your month, every month.

In order to ensure a quality experience, our boxes are highly exclusive. This means that each month, we will only allow a certain amount of members access to our subscription boxx.

No need to worry though, we’re in our pre-launch phase. In order to be the first to know when we launch so you don’t miss out, sign up for our email list.

You’ll gain access to exclusive updates and you’ll have first dibs on getting a boxx. Don’t miss out, Organo Boxx is the BEST box of 2020 and it’s coming soon!

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